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We specialize in contract embroidery to promotional companies, uniform departments, sports teams, clubs, and specialty suppliers. While we do take small orders - special rates, and perks apply for orders over 100 pieces. Some of our core clients have decades-long collaboration relationships with us. Please offer as much lead time as possible for orders of 500-5000. The same setup applies. Cannot be combined with previous orders. Email us for a proper quote.





Typical turn-around times are aprox. 10 business days (2 weeks). However we do our best to get items back to customers asap. Rush charges apply if you would like to jump the que. Please note that turn-around time starts as soon as digitized artwork is approved AND apparel items are in our hands. Please contact us to confirm.



Please note that Christmas is our busiest season and priority is given to our existing clients. Our que also fills up quickly with our repeat customers and often gets filled up by the beginning of November. Therefore, we encourage artwork and inquires to begin in the summer season June-July-August. Many of our customers have orders submitted by the end of August for the Holiday Season. Turn around times vary throughout the year but go as long as 4 weeks+ (20+ business days) leading up to the holiday season. Please contact us to confirm.


While we appreciate inquiries in November; it's considered industry-late and we cannot guarantee space in our que for December deadlines. We understand that we are the the last to hold the ball, as it were, and many clients look to us to make up time when unexpected delays happen in earlier phases of purchase orders. We always encourage an early start so that we jump in to help when we are able. Our seperate que for custom names usually fills up by the first week of December.



Digitizing can take a few days. Edits, additions, and complexity can add to this. Delays for approval may effect your delivery date. Therefore, we encourage you to send artwork as early as possible. Subsequent & 2nd orders are subject to a minimum/machine setup fee of $30.00 if less than 12 pieces.



If you are sending us items from your supplier to us to embroider for your client, please ensure you have contacted us before shipping. We will set up a work order number for you and contact you as soon as it comes in. Otherwise, we may not be able to confirm with you we received it as many shippments are coming in and out from various companies. If you are delivering crates please let as know so we have enough room for a fork lift. Additional handling charges apply if you would like us to drop ship. Only available for our wholesale clients.



Custom Names or District Names for Contract Embroidery may require additional lead time. Please inquire before offering names to clients.



Our turnaround for in-house crest sewing, merrowing, patch sewing, and alterations is typically 2 weeks (10 business days). Please advise for a reasonable date.



We have direct to film/garment printing available for existing clients. Turnaround time for this varies but typically less than 2 weeks (10 business days).

Contract Embroidery

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