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Submit your logo to be converted to a custom digitized file. This allows us to then proccess your design on high quality industry machines. It's a one time fee of $60 -150+. This charge is based on the intricacy level, number of stiches, and thread colours required. Once logo is on file we can take additionsl orders without setting up again. Submit your logo file for a free quote.


We do direct embroidery onto garment(s) or can make patches. Our in-house master sewist can then sew patches onto item(s) for an aditional charge. 


*Photos above are for sample only and are indivuidually priced.



Typical turn-around times are aprox. 10 business days (2 weeks). However we do our best to get items back to customers asap. Rush charges apply if you would like to jump the que.



Please note that Christmas is our busiest season and priority is given to our existing clients. Our que also fills up quickly with our repeat customers and often gets filled up by the beginning of November. Therefore, we encourage artwork and inquires to begin in the summer season June-July-August. Many of our customers have orders submitted by the end of August for the Holiday Season. Turn around times vary throughout the year but go as long as 4 weeks (20 business days) leading up to the holiday season. While we appreciate inquiries in November we cannot guarantee space in our que for December deadlines. Our seperate que for custom names usually fills up by the first week of December. 


Subsequent & 2nd orders are subject to a minimum/matchine setup fee of $30.00 if less than 12 pieces.

Custom LOGO Digitizing

SKU: 54654217
  • SetUp can take a few days. Edits, additions, and complexity can add to this. Please note that turnaround time starts as soon as you have approved the digitized-artwork. Delays for approval may effect your delivery date. Therefore, we encourage you to send artwork early.

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